Polar Nights to Endless Days



This Nordic nation is defined by its immense natural beauty. Over 180,000 lakes reflect the dense birch and pine forests that cover 70% of the land. In summer, Finland’s rugged yet serene landscape is perfect for exploring by hiking, canoeing, or skiing on emerald, island-dotted waterways. Come winter, the country transforms into a snowy wonderland, and coastal communities become accessible only by ice roads or dogsled as the Northern Lights dance overhead.


The best way to experience Finland’s blend of nature and culture is to base yourself in its capital, Helsinki. Here, modern architecture sits side by side with historic quarters like the Medieval Old Town. Stroll along seaside promenades, taking in sunset views of Suomenlinna, a UNESCO heritage site consisting of a preserved 18th-century naval fortress. Foodies can enjoy dockside fish markets as well as the bustling indoor market at Hakaniemi. By night, world-class museums, theater, and live music infuse the streets with energy.

Venture outside Helsinki to find even more Nordic charm. Porvoo, the second oldest town, retains its colorful stripes of buildings along a sleepy river. Turku, once the capital, welcomes visitors with a newly reconstructed castle overlooking the Aurajoki River. Elsewhere, quaint fishing villages and centuries-old wooden churches populate the remote island shores and Lakelands. For pure solitude, rent a lakeside cottage and enjoy foraging for berries alongside glimpses of the enchanting Northern Lights dancing across winter night skies.

Throughout it all, warm Finnish hospitality and a spirit of togetherness shine through, making this Nordic country a memorable destination for all travelers alike.

Finland: Essential Information and Fun Facts

For travelers planning a trip to Finland, a Schengen visa is typically required. Essential documents include a completed application, valid passport, travel insurance, and evidence of accommodation and financial stability. The visa permits a stay of up to 90 days within a 180-day period. Requirements are subject to change. For expert guidance on securing your visa, contact us for personalized assistance.
Finland has warm but brief summers from June to August, when average daytime temperatures are 15-20°C but can reach over 25°C, providing ideal conditions for outdoor activities. Winters are very cold from December to March, dipping below freezing, but this is the peak season for seeing the Northern Lights and trying wintertime sports. Spring and autumn provide transitional seasons with moderate but changeable weather.
Finland is full of weird and wonderful surprises just begging to be discovered. With over 180,000 islands scattered along its beautiful but brutal coast, it has more of the rocky, beach-plotted paradises than any other country in Europe. You’ll also find the locals fueling up on coffee at an insanely high rate—the average Finn powering through over 4 pounds of joe per year! When you venture up north to the remote Lapland region, keep an eye out for cute critters like roaming reindeer and foxy Arctic foxes. And around summer, witness the sun sticking around for up to 22 hours straight above the Arctic Circle. But the real show-stopper is the Northern Lights, dancing across dark winter skies in stunning curtains of greens and blues. From island-hopping to coffee addictions to meeting the locals, Finland guarantees you’ll never look at the Nordics the same way again.
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