La Vie Est Belle, Experience It



France offers endless attractions that have captivated the world for centuries. Stroll the grand Champs-Elysées in Paris, gaze up at the eternal flame at the Arc de Triomphe, and marvel at iconic art like the Mona Lisa at the renowned Louvre Museum. Beyond the glittering capital, you’ll find an abundance of villages, like the exquisite stained glass of Chartres Cathedral transporting you back in time.

Eiffel Tower

Weaving between these revered destinations are pockets of rural magic waiting to be uncovered. Village markets overflow with regional delicacies perfect for picnics along sun-dappled lavender fields. Meanwhile, the Mediterranean coast entices with its blend of surf towns and lavish seaside resorts. As you delve into these less trodden areas, distinctive cultures also emerge through lively local festivals, authentic cooking schools and artisan workshops keeping traditions alive.

However visitors immerse themselves in La Belle France, they’ll find the essence of French joie de vivre around every graceful turn. Modern conveniences like the TGV bullet train also ensure exploring the country’s charms from windswept islands to soaring Alps remains an ease. It’s no wonder generations continue crossing her borders to discover something new, whether pursuits of prestige, pastimes, or simple pleasures.

Begin planning your next adventure with us. Your discovery of France awaits!

France: Essential Information and Fun Facts

Citizens of Schengen member states and EU countries do not require a visa for tourism or business visits of up to 90 days. US, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand passport holders are also visa-exempt for short stays. Citizens of other locations may need a Schengen short-stay visa. If you need guidance on French or Schengen visa rules for your passport or trip, contact our visa services team for assistance in determining eligibility and applying for authorization to visit France.
Coastal areas, particularly in the south, experience Mediterranean warmth with hot summers and mild winters, while central regions have a more temperate climate with distinct seasons. The northern parts can be cooler and wetter, and the Alps are snowy in winter, ideal for skiing. Generally, spring (April to June) and Autumn(September to November) are pleasant throughout, with milder temperatures and fewer tourists. These shoulder seasons are often recommended for travelers seeking a balanced experience of good weather and manageable crowds.
We’ve discovered some truly bizarre hidden gems off the beaten path that you have to see to believe. For one, the Eiffel Tower may be iconic, but did you know there’s an entire miniature replica town built in its image? In the town of Champagne their cabbages are rumored to smell just like grapes. How bizzare! And get this – in Normandy you can spot pigs foraging for expensive truffles. So, while traveling through beautiful French countryside between destinations, keep your eyes peeled, who knows what other wonderfully wacky surprises you might find lurking around every corner.
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