A Traveler’s Paradise



Are you ready for a trip off the beaten path? Go beyond the crowded safari spots to discover Africa’s best-kept secrets.

In Rwanda, leave the monkey-see crowds at Volcanoes National Park. A small group trek gets you intimate time with playful gorilla families. Nearby Bisate Lodge provides panoramic views and traditional Rwandan cuisine crafted from fresh, local ingredients.

Along Egypt’s Red Sea coast, forget typical resort rows in favor of laidback Hurghada. The calm waters are crystal clear, offering glimpses of vivid coral reefs and an amazing diversity of tropical fish. Snorkel alongside playful dolphins or explore archaeological ruins just below the surface.

Morocco holds hidden gems beyond the markets of Marrakech. Wander Fez’s maze of alleyways and step back in time amongst artisans plying centuries-old trades. Within lively medinas like Marrakech or along Essaouira’s windswept Atlantic shorelines, traditional riad inns provide a cultural immersion unmatched elsewhere.

If wildlife viewing is your passion, escape the minibus-filled reserves. South Africa’s remote Phindika Game Reserve grants intimate encounters with lions, elephants, and other Big Five amongst dense vegetation and riverscapes. In Zimbabwe, Mana Pools on the Zambezi River offers a true wilderness experience.

Looking to get beyond the tourist hordes and discover Africa’s beating heart? Contact our experts to design an authentic itinerary off the beaten path.

Africa: Essential Information and Fun Facts

Visa requirements vary widely across the continent. While some nations offer visa-on-arrival for certain nationalities, others involve complex application processes. At Travel Tricks, we’re experts in African visa policies – from eVisas to entry visas. Our team can advise you on options for each destination and assist with any visa applications required in advance.
The climate in Africa varies greatly by region from northern to southern regions. Generally, North and Southern Africa experience a Mediterranean climate with mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers. Eastern and Central Africa see tropical climates year-round with wet and dry seasons influenced by monsoon rains. The best times to visit most areas are between June-August and December-February when temperatures are moderate and rains have subsided, allowing for optimal game viewing, beach weather and activities.
Africa offers travelers fascinating surprises around every corner. Did you know Namibia has gorgeous pink and white salt pans larger than the UK? Or that Ethiopia is home to unique ancient indigenous churches decorated with colorful symbols carved into stone? Cape Town has the oldest and one of the tallest mountain skyscrapers in the world, the Table Mountain Cableway. Beware of cheeky vervet monkeys snatching sunglasses in parts of Morocco! Dive into Africa, and there’s always something unexpected to discover!
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