From Fishing Village to Futuristic Metropolis



Once a tranquil Pearl River enclave, Shenzhen has ascended as China’s undisputed tech capital—a Silicon Valley in scale and ambition. Its skyline now towers as a colossus yet retains traces of its waterside roots. Over four explosive decades, Shenzhen has manifested Beijing’s vision, evolving from sleepy village to global economic juggernaut.

Today, innovation circulates through its arteries as one of China’s commanding business hubs. But its soul endures—discover remnants of old amidst new: verdant parks, contemporary galleries and the iconic Window of the World, housing miniature wonders. Wander bustling night markets or sample regional delights, each chapter in Shenzhen’s saga.

Whether drawn by its entrepreneurial zeal, compelling past or modern energy, Shenzhen promises a journey unlike any other. Let us unlock this dynamic metropolis.

As your local specialists, we craft authentic experiences: suggest untold stories, insider sights beyond skyscrapers. Reach out—together, we’ll curate your perfect introduction to China’s formidable rise, in a city that reinvented possibility.

Shenzhen: Essential Information & Fun Facts

Visa stipulations can differ significantly for each traveler. For an in-depth understanding tailored to your nationality, our specialized visa assistance team, who are well-acquainted with Shenzhen’s visa processes can assist you.
Shenzhen has a subtropical climate with mild winters and hot summers. The best time to visit is from September to November, when the weather is warm and dry, ideal for outdoor activities and city exploration.
Shenzhen isn’t just about high-tech companies and futuristic skyscrapers. Did you know that the city, despite its urban landscape, is surrounded by lush green mountains and parks, such as the Shenzhen Mangrove Nature Reserve? Its rapid transformation from a small town to a tech giant is evident in its innovative architectural designs and its commitment to sustainability, being the first city to achieve an all-electric public bus fleet.
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