A Cosmopolitan Oasis

United Arab Emirates


The UAE consists of seven glittering emirates, each with their own distinct character and attractions. Dubai, the most well-known emirate, draws visitors with futuristic architecture like the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa. However, the palm-shaped islands and indoor ski slopes of Dubai are just a taste of what the rest of the country offers. Abu Dhabi, the capital, honors cultural traditions at its heritage villages and impresses with landmarks like the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. Further north, Emirates like Ajman and Umm Al Quwain offer a more laidback coastal lifestyle away from the big city lights.

Beach in Dubai

Inland, visitors discover a different side of the UAE. Sharjah retains its heritage in its atmospheric souks while advancing culturally with impressive museums. Ras Al Khaimah delights with activities from hiking its mountains to exploring its mangroves by kayak. For culture and history, Fujairah presents archaeological sites illuminating its ancient past. Across the Emirates, traditional desert experiences like spotting rare butterflies at the Sir Bani Yas Island or camping under the stars at Liwa Oasis allow a unique insight into life away from the modern metropolises.

Each emirate offers its own flavor but collectively they present a dynamic portrait of a modern Middle Eastern nation whose culture is rooted equally in ancient traditions and future-forward ambitions. From record-breaking architecture to cultural immersion, natural beauty, and local hospitality, intrepid travelers will be enriched by exploring all that the UAE has to offer.

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UAE: Essential Information and Fun Facts

Make sure your passport has at least six months of validity from your planned date of return. Most Western countries, including the UK and the US, receive a visa on arrival, typically valid for 30 to 90 days. For other nationalities, a pre-arranged visit visa is required. For the most accurate and personalized visa guidance, reach out to us.
The UAE has hot summers and mild winters. If you’re looking to avoid the heat, consider visiting between November and March. These months offer cooler temperatures, making it easier to enjoy outdoor activities and explore the cities.
Bet you didn’t know that the UAE has a Minister of Happiness, appointed to align and drive government policy to create social good and satisfaction. Or how about this: the country is so safe that many locals leave their cars unlocked with the engine running while they shop. And here’s one for the book lovers—the UAE is home to the world’s first ‘green’ eco-friendly mosque in Dubai. A country full of surprises, isn’t it?
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