Cappadocia's Caves to Istanbul's Bustling Streets



As a diverse country bridging Europe and Asia, Turkey has so much to discover for travelers. From scenic coastlines to mountain panoramas, and biblical sites to bustling bazaars, this crossroads nation delivers authentic experiences around every corner.

Start your journey in iconic Istanbul, located strategically along the Bosphorus. Enthusiasts of the past will be delighted by attractions like Topkapi Palace, once home to Ottoman sultans, and Hagia Sophia, its towering domes representing over a thousand years of architectural progression. Foodies flock to the Grand Bazaar’s vaulted passages, choosing from a cornucopia of spices and Turkish delights. Don’t forget to sample Istanbul’s famous kebabs washed down with apple tea


Venturing further, you’ll find tranquil lake scapes along the Central Anatolia region. Outdoor adventurers can hike forest trails around Egridir Lake, spotting herons and cormorants on the shores. Nearby Konya offers a change of pace with the epic Mevlana Museum, illuminating the mystical Sufi poet Rumi’s legacy.

For less visited areas, head to Southeastern Anatolia. The crooked lanes of Mardin invite wandering, its stone homes emblazoned with filigree balconies. Nearby Mount Ararat maintains biblical significance for its alleged role in the story of Noah. Friendly Kurdish villagers can guide you to secluded picnic areas with panoramic valley views.

Let Turkey’s scenic coastal resorts, verdant highlands, and historical wonders inspire your own journey off the beaten path. Reach out to us and we can guide you there.

Turkey: Essential Information and Fun Facts

Citizens of most countries, including the U.S., UK, Canada and EU Schengen Area members, may enter Turkey visa-free for stays up to 90 days. Those planning extended stays or repeated visits over a 6-month period may require an e-Visa or visa on arrival instead. Make sure to check your individual country’s specific entry requirements to avoid issues at the border. For assistance determining which visa is right for your Turkey travel plans, contact us – we’re happy to review your itinerary and help you secure the proper authorization.
Turkey’s climate varies greatly by region due to its vast geographic expanse spanning Asia and Europe. Generally, spring (April-June) and autumn (September-November) offer mild weather. The Turkish Mediterranean coast sees very hot, dry summers from July to August, but the sea temperature is warm for beach holidays. Winter months of December to March feature rain and occasional snow in inland areas like Cappadocia, while the western and southern coasts enjoy milder temperatures. Peak tourism season is during the warm summer months, so visiting during spring or autumn allows travelers to avoid crowds while enjoying pleasant weather in most parts of Turkey.
id you know Istanbul is one of the few cities in the world located on two continents? Or that unique hot air balloons still transport passengers over Cappadocia’s fantastical rock formations? Turkey has over 19,000 mosques yet also has more castles than any other country besides France. You’ll also find unexpected discoveries like ancient Roman mosaics and China’s largest ambassadorial residence. Travelers will uncover that there’s always more than initially meets the eye in this compelling country bridging Europe and Asia.
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