The Coastal Gem of China



Nestled along the scenic coastline of Guangdong Province is Zhuhai, a city that caters to a variety of travelers, from those seeking relaxation to those on corporate missions.

For leisure seekers, Golden Beach is a serene haven with its soft sands and sunsets. Nearby, the New Yuanming Palace invites exploration of its historical gardens.


Corporate travelers can benefit from Zhuhai’s modern facilities, including the Zhuhai International Convention and Exhibition Center and thriving business districts like Gongbei and Hengqin.

With excellent transportation links and a variety of hotels, Zhuhai accommodates all travelers. Enjoy the local cuisine, including dim sum and seafood, at local eateries. Zhuhai promises an enriching experience for everyone, whether for relaxation, culture, or business.

Contact us today and let us be your guides to uncover Zhuhai, with customized itineraries designed to immerse you in its enthralling history, scenic landscapes, and lively culture.

Zhuhai: Essential Information & Fun Facts

Zhuhai’s visa requirements cover a broad spectrum. Our knowledgeable visa support team is ready to guide you through the process, providing personalized help to ensure a hassle-free entry into Zhuhai.
Zhuhai has a warm, humid subtropical climate. For a more comfortable visit, aim for November to March, when the weather is cooler and less humid, ideal for exploring the city and its attractions.
Beyond its scenic landscapes and captivating architecture, Zhuhai is a treasure trove of fascinating facts. Did you know that Zhuhai is famous for its lush gardens and parks, including the idyllic Fisher Girl statue nestled within the serene Xianglu Bay Park? The city’s dedication to innovation is evident in its trailblazing efforts in sustainable transportation, such as the electric buses that traverse its streets. Zhuhai’s blend of modernity and nature creates a distinctive atmosphere, where the dynamic spirit of progress coexists harmoniously with the calm of its natural surroundings.
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