Changing Trends of Travel and Tourism

Hodophiles, Friendcation, Wanderlust, Backpacker…
Did you know that all these words are related to travel and tourism?
Now that the “travel dictionary” has come this far, imagine the tourism trend that must have evolved in all these years!

Disruption in the travel industry isn’t a new thing. The tourism sector has always been a competitive industry, and to stay ahead in this race, these businesses are leaving no stone unturned to fulfil the needs of their customers. Innovation and change play a vital role in attracting tourists- be it rolling out a new set of amenities or adapting technology for the ease of the customer. Believe it or not- some tour & travel businesses have already set a travel trend for 2023. Imagine how fast and agile the tourism trend is!

One of the most noticeable and major shifts of the trend was observed during the post-recovery period of the COVID-19 catastrophe. The priorities got changed, a new set of health requirements were taken care of, hygiene became one of the most crucial factors to look into, and so on.

Due to the increasing number of travel enthusiasts post-pandemic, the travel industry made sure to keep up with the ongoing trend or even mend the trend depending on the preferences and choices. Owing to the spirit of travellers, the travel industry has introduced several types of leisure-oriented tourism trends. Listed below are a few trendy travel options to look out for.

Bleisure Travel
A bit of an extension to the leisure travel concept, Bleisure travel refers to a tour that lets you enjoy leisure time while on a business trip. When on a Bleisure tour, business travellers extend their stay and indulge themselves in fun & light activities like sightseeing, hiking, or at times relaxing. Another less-know term for this very concept is named ‘bizcation.’
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As the name suggests, ‘ecotourism’ is sustainable tourism that focuses on contributing to the conservation of natural areas & local communities. The main purpose of ecotourism is to develop environmental and cultural awareness within the traveller.

Wellness Travel
Wellness travel is a growing tourism trend that allows the traveller to indulge in one’s well-being. The travellers get to enjoy the stay by following healthy practices like meditation, yoga, and exercise; the tour also allows them to experience special facilities like a spa and sauna. To know more about wellness travel, read our blog.

Long-Term Slow Travel
Long-term slow travel is a slow-paced, steady tour that takes several months or even years to explore the locations and soak in the culture of the place a traveller is living in. Such tours allow travellers to make the most of their stay by exploring local cuisines, learning the language, and experiencing the culture and tradition.

Travel businesses are putting their best forward by catering to individual needs while staying up with the trend. Today, the tourism trend is changing more rapidly than ever, so much so that people are already gearing up to look forward to the travel trend for 2023 – such is the enthu of the travellers!

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